Exclusive Call Centers

Circuit Monitoring

All our Telarus services are supported by a dual circuit monitoring system. Trace-Route and dashboard notifications.

Our Corporate lab is headquartered in southeastern North Carolina. Our Telarus lab team is located in Sandy, Utah. We have contracts and agreements with leading national, regional and local data center facilities that offer business co-location servers, internet DSL and T1 Line services. Our leading unified communications offers are cost effective and offer single and complex VOIP capabilities. We offer the latest technologies and services by cloud firewall security, backup , desktop virtualization, Google apps for business and disaster recovery.

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  • WordPress & LABIX Servers
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Cloud Telecom

We are a certified Agent for Yiptel of Sandy Utah. Hosted or on Premise services await your business communications.

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Call center data servers are a special breed. A specific type of 1to1 ratio is needed.
​We offer the latest in server technology. Our Datapro will monitor your center for latency.Call 800-888-2001

Exclusive Monitoring Services

Data Brokerage Agency

Data Units

Our first tier of data services is our unit holdings in data centers on a global scale. Our Hillcrest Investments Group manages this strategy for our clients.  

Dedicated Servers

We provide a broad spectrum of dedicated servers with our own Ad-Min services and monitoring.  

National Regional Carriers


National Data Brokerage Services

24/7 Data Brokerage Sales & Support (800) 880-2001

Managed Security Services

Our data brokerage services are powered by GeoQuote.
This online system is capable of searching your area for data communications carriers in your desired area. Give us a chance to fullfill your data system needs from carriers you trust. Remember .. our brasstarr systems offers each client  monitoring services with each signed contract.