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BRASS Marketing/Management has a complete  "data farm" of servers. Hosted by shared, virtual or dedicated servers.
Advanced Security by Emsisoft.

VOIP Telecom System. DSL Cable and Wireless packages 
Hosted in the cloud ..or on your premises ...Powered by

You have our proprietary brasstarr web data system and all it's capabilities to complete implementation.


 Our  IT team of professionals are available to assist you as much as needed. Do it in-house or call us for assistance.. 803-348-4936.

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Your Data... Our Datagistics

Local Regional National Or Global

brasstarr systems will manage protect and service your IT data needs. Our total storage security and transport of data is dedicated from the home office to corporate servers. Our data plans include cloud and managed PBX, internet mobility and video capabilities.
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Android Mobile Security
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Data Recovery

Our  system includes an advanced data recovery and eraser service.
An analysis is done by whether your hard drive is in a healthy state or has physical damage.
This service is for home users as well as small or large businesses.
Our Partner Technicians are ready to act. We save or erase data for hundreds of businesses everyday.

  • Carrier Services by Yiptel
  • Hosted Or Premise
  • HIPPA Compliance
  • Internet
           ( DSL TL EOC Fiber Optic Private Cloud  VPN )
  • Wireless Data
  • Video
  • Call Centers  
  • HD Audio Conferencing

website security

 24/7  Customer Support for Webdata System

U.S. Based Technicians

Whether you are a prospective, or an established client, our sales team is ready to answer any questions about our webdata services.
We offer Managed maintenance plans on webdata server accounts.
Need help with set up or have questions about a new account?
Call (480) 624-2500.

  • Home Or Business
  • Various Devices
  • Malware Removal
  •  Light & Efficient
  • Dual Protection
  • Integrates with 
           brasstarr system servers
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 VPSNDedicated Back Up

A premium VPN network with back up service.  From local back up to cloud and physical disk storage*. Designed for a completely Private system back up. This is a premium system with advanced security. We use the Rebit software to console our dedicated servers to our business or individual clients.
More Info. Call  910-377-1217 or 803-348-4936.

Exclusive VPSN Servers

  • Private Internet Access(VPN)
  • Private Email (2)
      ( yourname
      ( yourname
  • Dedicated  Back-Up
  • Internet Security Suite
  • Private Servers 
        ( Home Or Business)
  • Android Mobile Security
  • VOIP Video Data
  • Earn Member Rewards

A unique VPSN network membership. All the premiums of a private network with  full telecom* capabilities.

*All Telecom Services powered by YipTel.

  • Private Individual Email
  • Private Business Email
  •  Private Back- Up Servers
  • Private  Internet Tunnel
  •  Internet Security Suite
  •  PayBack  Data Program
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